While most of us were probably looking forward to see where HHH’s creative was going to take the WWE on the Road to Wrestlemania without any behind-the-scenes machinations threatening the course itself, one Vincent Kennedy McMahon had other plans. With his return, his daughter Stephanie resigning and a potential sale on the horizon, we can’t help but talk about what’s going on behind scenes.

While this site is still forming, I was able to discuss the whole saga on our sister site Forget The Box‘s weekly podcast FTB Weekends. This show is NOT a wrestling podcast.

We usually discuss local Montreal, Canadian and International news and politics, but given the general interest in this particular story and the fact that WWE is bringing both Smackdown and Elimination Chamber to Montreal this February, this was a justifiable story to focus on.

Our Special Guest Andrew Jamieson and I both know wrestling quite a bit, while my regular co-host Dawn McSweeney represented and spoke up for all those in the audience with limited or no knowledge of the biz (she was at the Montreal Screwjob but most remembers Tito Santana being there on the Spanish announce team).

Here it is:

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